About Life’s Images (and Debi)

September 10, 2008

Life’s Images celebrates life and love with intimate portraits for the family.  Specializing in maternity and newborn art images.


About Debi…

I am a private photographer – your photographer… celebrating the family.
How did I come to specialize in maternity and newborns?  Let me tell you a story:

As a freshman in college, one of the first assignments I was given in my English class was to write an essay detailing one event in my life that made me feel most “human”.  At such a young age, what made him think we had had this experience already is beyond me, but I was lucky enough to have something quite human to write about.

I promptly wrote an account of witnessing the birth of my youngest brother.  I was 16 at the time he was born and my mother, wise beyond what a teenager thinks her mom to be, invited me into the room where she gave birth.  (Those years ago this was not common…) Even at that innocent age I knew that I had witnessed something miraculous, profound, life-altering… and yet so very “human”.  The beginning of an entirely new person, a new family, the opening of a completely new chamber in all of our hearts – the complete and utter presence of PURE love – you could see it, feel it in the room.

Thus began my love for this particular human experience – the making of a family, the very creation of LOVE.

But I didn’t only fall in love with BABIES, I fell in love with the whole experience which brings them to us.   There is something miraculous about a baby – we all know – but there is something equally miraculous about making a baby.  It is a miracle that your body can make the most treasured thing on the planet.  And while it is doing that, there is a glow, a beauty – in the bumps and curves and yes even in the marks that it leaves behind.

Even in the birth itself – there is a beauty in the work that has to be done to bring that baby from inside to out; a beauty in the strength to endure the hours, the wait, sometimes the pain; a beauty in the love – between the man and the woman, the woman and her baby, the man and his baby… could there be a more heart filling moment?

Truly a miracle, and at the same time, it is so common.  That experience binds us all together -  the homemaker and the CEO, today’s woman and her mom/grandmother/great aunt, country mom and city mom, getting-by mom and wealthy mom.  We are all on the same ride.    No amount of technology or modernization or medicine substitutes the months of waiting, watching your belly expand, the feeling of a life rolling over inside of you (often to the detriment of your bladder!)…

it is the most completely human thing that we do and I love every aspect of it!

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