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Announcing the new pricing structure at Life’s Images!

This is not a pricing increase but rather a whole new pricing structure with an emphasis on digital images :)

I’ve reviewed orders and feedback from clients for the last 2 years, and digital images are important to my clients.
Up to now, digital images have been offered as “add-ons” to the primary print order, but packaging them into the session gives me the ability to make them more affordable to YOU!   It also allows me to offer the prints as the “add-ons” at a great savings ;)

Restructuring has provided me a more concise workflow which lowers my costs, and this means that the total cost to you for your session and images is less – how nice is that?!

The options are simple and straight forward, but as always, additional services and products are available if you wish to add them to your session.  All you have to do is ask :)


Come have a look at the new session options!

Contact me
for questions


*and don’t forget – we have a great mini session event coming up for Angel sessions.  Sign up here *

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Join us for Angel Mini Sessions in just a few weeks!  starting at $39

We will have one weekend and one weekday date available for booking.  Each appointment is 15 minutes for one child (6 months and up), Angel wings are gorgeous but optional, and you get one digital file with print release.
You’ll have the opportunity to upgrade to 5 digital files when you book :)

Visit this link for more details and to reserve your time (take note of the ages …)

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