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I wanted to share some great news at Life’s Images!  After a 3 year process, and 11 years on the job, I’ve earned my designation as a CERTIFIED PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHER :)
The press release below talks about what that is exactly, but what does it mean?
To me, it means that I care about doing a good job for my clients, that I care, not just that my portraits are “cute”, but that I do my job in a technically sound way, and that I care enough to continue educating myself and sharpening my skills for my clients.  It means that I made the extra effort to earn a certification, basically so that YOU can be assured that I know what I am doing! :)  In this profession, certification is voluntary and only a small percentage will go that extra mile :)

~~Press Release~~

SPRING, TX – Debi Gomez, Owner and Photographer at Life’s Images Photography in Spring has achieved the coveted Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) designation, earned from the Professional Photographic Certification Commission.

Gomez met stringent requirements to earn the CPP certification including artistic and technical competence, passing a comprehensive written exam measuring technical expertise, and an approval of work by a panel of judges. The CPP program is recognized throughout the photographic industry as a mark of excellence, and only 8% of all imaging professionals have this designation.

Debi Gomez, who has owned Life’s Images Photography since 2001, is excited about the recognition. “I am honored when families ask me to capture such special moments in their lives,” said Gomez. “It’s my responsibility to make sure I do that with the proper skills and expertise, and earning my certification shows that my knowledge and skills are up to par in my industry.   It’s also a great way to assure clients they are working with someone who is credentialed and competent.”

Debi Gomez celebrates life and love at Life’s Images Photography by capturing the special moments of newborns, children and families. Gomez specializes in black and white newborn art. Many of Debi’s clients reside in The Woodlands and Spring areas. For more information on Life’s Images Photography, visit sessions are by appointment only. You can contact Debi Gomez at 832.257.3880 or


Some of the images that went to review:

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Applications are open for children to model in the next Hope Calendar!

From now until June 30th, local families with children newborn to 7 years can apply to model for the annual charity calendar. Each year, ALL profits from the calendar project are donated to a child/family charity.
The Hope Calendar’s 7th annual project is themed “Gift of Hope” and contains 12 months of angelic children photographed by Life’s Images. The images portray the hope, beauty and innocence of the children in our community … and that just might include your own children!

Please visit the website ( to learn more about the calendar, the charity, and how you can apply to have your own child featured for one of the months. Having raised over $45000 for family-friendly charities, the calendar had become a very successful community project – and a FUN one too!

In order to donate 100% of the proceeds to charity, the calendar project relies on sponsors for production costs. Businesses interested in supporting the calendar should contact for sponsorship information.  Sponsorships start at $150.

01coverpreview 08marchpreview 12maypreview 14junepreview 28backcoverpreview

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Life’s Images and Fit-ographer are hosting a fun 5 day challenge for all you LADIES with a significant other…challenge theme is LOVE IS A VERB!

Challenge starts Jun 12 and runs to June 19 – you have 7 days to complete the challenge!
Sign up before June 10! (directions below)

About The Mini “Luv Your Man” Challenge

Being married for almost 15 years, I will be the first to tell you – it ain’t always easy – and with kids and dogs and bills (and workouts!), “relationship work” isn’t always on the top of the to do list.  We are changing that for a few days!   The challenge provides a fun way to remember how to treat the one you love and hopefully help that flame burn a little brighter.  It’s also a good way to remember how to  be selfless and do for someone else without expecting in return.  After all LOVE IS A VERB – it’s something you do, something you practice!

Recapture the romance (and the every day niceties) that made you and your other half fall in love in the first place.  The challenge is inspired by Kathi Lipp’s book titled “The Marriage Project”, which provides 21 days of fun (and quick) activities to bring laughter and love back to your relationship.

For our mini “Luv Your Man” challenge, you commit to do fun and flirty things for 5 days – things like love notes on the bathroom mirror or making a list of reasons you are proud of your man – and you’ll check in to let me know that you completed the task – we will have a group to discuss or brainstorm new ideas for others to try!  I’ve hosted this challenge 3 times before and it is always lots of fun!!


There are 5 projects and you will have 7 days to complete them.  They are meant to be spaced out – don’t do all of them on one day!  The idea is to LUV YOUR MAN, so you are expected to complete the projects without telling him they are “for a challenge” AND (this is important) even if you are angry, irritated, or otherwise feel he doesn’t “deserve” it – LUV is not something we give only when someone deserves it and that is part of the lesson in the challenge!!!


Sign up just by letting me know via email so I can send you links to the group where the tasks will be posted.  Grab a girlfriend cuz it’s more fun the more people we have!!
*please only sign up of you will participate – it’s only 7 days!*


Concerns I had – and you may have too:

What has he done for me lately?
I learned the hard way that marriage can’t work like that – someone has to be first.  And if you start acting out of love you won’t have tally marks but it will likely come back to you.  You can’t say I tried this or that and he didn’t respond – that’s not a productive mentality – you try this and that because you love him, not to get a response :)

He doesn’t deserve it!
Love is not something you give when deserved :)  Plain and simple!  My kids don’t deserve a toy or a treat some days - but they are loved 24/7 – that’s called unconditional love and marriage is the same way.  It is harder than it sounds – but doing these simple things as a project or challenge makes them easier to do!  If you need to vent to do it, that’s what us ladies in the fb group are for!!

But I don’t have a husband!
You don’t have to be married – just have a significant other :)  And I don’t judge based on who that “other” is… :)


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