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LUV Your Man Challenge 2012

October 15, 2012

Life’s Images is hosting a fun 5 day challenge for all you ladies with a significant other…
there will be 5 activities posted here to mix it up in the ol’ marriage/relationship department.

Challenge starts Oct 19 and runs to Oct 26 -
you have 7 days to complete the challenge!

Sign up just by letting me know on the facebook page (go to this post to sign up )!
Then participate in each of the activities/projects and use the link to post to say you’ve completed it (and give a report!)…
Grab a girlfriend cuz it’s more fun the more people we have!!

There will be prizes (in addition to your happier relationship)

  • photo session for you (not the kiddos this time)
  • a copy of the book titled “The Marriage Project” which has a full 21 days of activities to recapture the romance that made you fall in love :)

More about The Mini “Luv Your Man” Challenge

I’ve been married for 14 years and I will be the first to tell you – it ain’t always easy – and with kids and dogs and bills, “marriage work” isn’t always on the top of the to do list.  We are changing that for a few days!   The challenge provides a fun way to remember how to treat the one you love and hopefully help that flame burn a little brighter.  It’s also a good way to remember how to  be selfless and do for someone else without expecting in return – the essence of love!

Recapture the romance (and the every day niceties) that made you and your other half fall in love in the first place.  The challenge is inspired by Kathi Lipp’s book titled “The Marriage Project”, which provides 21 days of fun (and quick) activities to bring laughter and love back to your relationship. 

For our mini “Luv Your Man” challenge, you commit to do fun and flirty things for 5 days – things like love notes on the bathroom mirror or a simple word of praise – and you’ll check in to let me know that you completed the task – maybe even discuss or brainstorm new ideas for others to try!

There are 5 projects and you will have 7 days to complete them.  They are meant to be spaced out – don’t do all of them on one day!  The idea is to LUV YOUR MAN, so you are expected to complete the projects without telling your husband they are “for a challenge” AND (this is important) even if you are angry, irritated, or otherwise feel he doesn’t “deserve” it – LUV is not something we give only when someone deserves it and that is part of the lesson in the challenge!!!

Tasks are posted below, and you’ll check in regarding each project at each check in link provided (each one has a separate link).


Project #1  (click to post your checkin)

The Bride Pride

Your Project:

Make a list of at least 5 reasons you are proud of your husband.  Be sincere and resist the urge to be sarcastic ;)  Now make sure he sees this list – whether you read it to him in private or leave it written for him to find.  Make it simple and forego explanation – just say “I am proud of you because/for ___________”


Project #2 (click to post your checkin)

Eye Candy

Your Project:

My favorite pair of pajamas is not particularly appealing to the eye – not a man’s eye anyway :)  You accepted his promise to only love you, so you in turn took on the responsibility to be his main form of eye candy!  For one day, choose pajamas that look like the eye candy that you are!   They need not be trashy (but that is perfectly acceptable!) – just make sure they are NOT the bleach stained jammies you wore ALL last Sunday cleaning bathrooms!  Yes, red lipstick is perfectly fine to wear to bed ;)

Project #3 (click to post your checkin)

Watch Out

Your Project:

Make a date to watch television OR a movie with your man and….. this pains me the most….. let him pick!  Or better yet, YOU pick but make sure it’s a show that has lots of HIS favorites in there – whether it’s hand to hand combat, painfully detailed poker playing, raunchy humor (?) or how the civil war was won.  Don’t bring a book to distract yourself or knit while you sit next to him – you must enjoy the show WITH him!  And don’t just plop on the couch next to him – he should know that this is a special night and that you are spending guy time with him :)

Project #4  (click to post your checkin)

My Turn

Your Project:

For one day (or one weekend) take over that one duty your guy HATES doing.  The trash? washing the dogs? washing the cars?  mowing?  Let him know he is getting a break from “such and such” and that you are happy to take care of it for him for the whole day/weekend… you don’t want him to even touch “such and such”.  Don’t whine or complain, and if at all possible do not farm it out to someone else – the idea is that YOU (not the teen next door) are sharing his burden, lightening his load.

Project #5 (click to post your checkin)

The Way to a Man’s Heart

Your Project:

Make him a meal – his favorite  – even if you can’t choke it down yourself.  It’s cliche we know, but the way to a man’s heart is sometimes through his tummy :)  And you have to make this – part of the love gesture you are bestowing today is that YOU are creating something for HIM.  If you don’t already know his favorite meal – or that “favorite meal” is from 15 years ago, ask him what his new favorite is… or something he’s always wanted to try!

Bonus Project  (feel free to let us know how this goes but there is no official check in for it)

What I Like About You

Your Project:

Similar to Project 1, this time you are to make a list of things you LIKE about your spouse.  This is similar but VERY different.  Not only should you share this list with your guy, but at least ONE time work it into conversation with someone else – his friend, your friend, his mother, his brother.  Let him know you told them too!  Not only do you like him and are loving enough to let him know but how cool is it that you are willing to brag about it to someone else!


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