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2 weeks – sneak peek

November 29, 2010

handsome prince :)

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Aunt Tricia: He is 4 weeks today and I have not yet got to meet Andin, As soon as I am well I will be over. Love Yall, Aunt Tricia

Lorinda: The pictures are sempley beautiful ! great job.

Jessica: Congratulations again Kindra and Gary! He is absolutely adorable and I am so happy for the both of you! :)

Catrina: What a handsome boy and beautiful Mom Love you,

Barbara Tones: Sweet Baby, Can't wait till Gary brings him into the office!

Mi-Mi Argabright: Most precious baby I have ever seen. Great pictures ! Congrats to my wounderful son and his beautiful wife. Love you all, Mom.

Donnie: Congrats and God Bless!

Bonnie: Great photos!! What a cutiepie!! Please bring him by the office so we can meet him!! Bonnie

Evelyn Price: The picture w/Kendra & Andin is great. He is a very handsome young man. Congrats to you and Gary.

Trina: Congratulations and all my love

Margie Price: He is the cutest baby I have ever seen...The pictures are AWESOME...

nathalie lopez: Love these pictures. he is precious!congrats!!!

Kelly: Omg!!! Such awesome pics!! I know y'all are proud!! Congrats to the entire family!!! 8-)

Sandra: Too precious for words. Such wonderful pictures. Congratualations to Kindra and Gary Sandra

DeLena Bearden: He is absolutely beautiful. Congratulations

Great Great Aunt T: God has Blessed you both with an Angel. Congrats to you both. All my Love

Cheri Case: Congrats on such a beautiful little boy. Gary, remember kids always come back and give their parents twice the hell you gave yours..HAHA.. Kindra hope you are doing well after having little Andin. Glad you kept the name simple so Gary could remember.. (And in) the beginning, not really it is a great name...

Jeff Spicoli: Awesome pics!

Sarah: He is too cute, and you dont look bad yourself ;) !!! Congrats, Ihope i get to see him soon!!! Miss ya

Gary: thats the best looking baby ever

Porsha: So cute! I want a copy of the second picture!!!

Uncle Ricky: My nephew sure is cute!

Ron: Congrats love the pics. Ron

Donnie: It's about time he got here I heard about him for 9 months awesome he made it finally now he is still what I hear about but I can see why he is precious. Donnie Chappell

Brand new :)

November 23, 2010

and so sweet!  Mom and Dad are sure to have a very happy holiday with the little bundle around :)


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Carole: Gorgeous! Great photos! Much love to all and thanks for sharing. Much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving!

Vince Vu: awww what a cutie. she is perfect. congrats again to the ku family. we have much to be thankful for this holiday season.

Adrian L Lopez: Thats my niece...

Kevin: Congrats again - such a beautiful baby. I'm glad I was able to meet her on Saturday! And thanks for not making me change a diaper, it's been a long time :-)

Jennifer: So adorable. Congrats to Tala and Frank!

melissa aguirre: Tala, Thank you for sharing!! Your photographer is very creative. Congrats on the bundle of joy-- she is a beauty!

Nina and Gilbert: Congratulations!! Wonderful pics!

Sara: I love the new baby pics! Can't wait to see her in person!!

Teresa: Congrats to Tala and Frank! I'm so happy for you guys! She's adorable....can't wait to meet her<3

Jason Im: she's a pretty little girl

Christine Vu: Precious!!! Congrats again mommy and daddy Ku...happy holidays!!

jun and tess lopez: leila is truly a bundle of joy. it's exactly what we feel whenever we hold her.

Lourdes J. Regala: One word - PRECIOUS! Congratulations to the new Mom & Dad.

Ricardo: She is su cute. God bless you guys and happy thanksgiving.

Emily and Trung: Congrats again Tala and Frank! She's sooo cute!

Alyssa: These are REALLY great photos, like Anne Geddes. Leila looks so adorable! So happy for you two!

Seam Ngo: She is so beautiful! Congrats.

Albert-Blanca Lopez: So precious & perfect ! A bundle of joy...Congratulations again to Tala & Frank on your little princess!!! We can't wait to meet her in person!!!!

randy: Congrats Tala and Frank on such a beautiful baby! photogenic and adorable.

Jessica and Tony: Too cute guys! Congrats again on the new beautiful bundle of joy! What a great way to start of the holidays.. can't wait to see more pics on Leila.. God has truly blessed you guys!

Kasey Hart: She's so beautiful... just like her mommy & daddy :) Congrats again!

Tony Lopez: Congrats big daddy ku & big mama. She is so cute and beatiful baby. Thanks for making us grand tito and grand tita. Say hi to your dad and mom. Regards, Uncle Tony & Tita Sofie

Yahaira Colorado: Beautiful baby and photos!

Shealee: She is perfect & I can't get enough of her. I'm ready to see more of these pictures.

Mary: She's so tiny and cute!! Congrats on such a beautiful baby!

Troy Daniell, Jr.: Good job Tala! Oh yea, you too Frank. T

Eddie Francisco: She's so cute. No doubt she will be the darling of the family.

Charles: Absolutely adorable, really cute picture ideas.

Romeo J Linan: How do you get her to sleep through the picture taking?

Carol: Look at her toes!

alisha: Adorable! The pictures are great!

Anita: She's sooo precious! I can't wait to meet her. Congrats you two :)

Katy Wengert: Super sweet baby // love the pictures!! This is Sara's cousin Katy...I met you at her real wedding. Hope to meet the baby in person at the *fake* wedding.

Drew Lyell: Leila you're a cutie!!!!!

Steve Lyell: super cute guys

Rieza: So cute! Congrats!!!

Tuan Nguyen: What a beauty! She looks just like Frank!

liz: oooohh!! me likey.. love her famous leila pose while she's sleeping.. can't wait to see the other ones.. man what a ku face! :O)

Susamei: She looks like Frank! haha Congrats to you, both!!

Robert Rizarri: Congrats on the new addition to the family!

Erin Taylor: Those photos are amazing! She is just too precious for words. Congrats again to Tala and Frank!

Mya: I love these pics! Leila is so cute. I need to stop by and meet the little one.

Fred & Vera: She is one of a kind! Sweet and Adorable. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Day and celebrate Thanksliving!

Alex Lopez: Wow! Simply amazing... Congrats again :)

"Lolo" Dik & "Lola" Cely LABAO: Sooooooooooooooo cute !!! A very priceless gift to be thankful for.....treasure your bundle of joy . Congratulations again to the proud parents of Baby Leila...the youngest member of Ku & Lopez families.

Karine: OMG these are soooo awesome! i hope bam was included in one!

Vicky: future baylorite!

dora rizarri: congratulations to tala and frank...... so cute and precious.....

Holly and Dave: WOW!! What precious photos!! She looks like an angel : )

chrissy: congratulations! she is beautiful! love the pictures!

Thomas Chow: These look great! Happy holidays to the Ku family!

Karen Hizon: She is beautiful!! Happy Holidays to the Ku family!

Kristi: What a precious gift

Nikki nguyen: Very cute and so precious. I wish they have this service in Vietnam; i would love for my baby to have these pictures taken.

Robbie: Those pictures are awesome!

tito andoy: Still a cocoon yet so mystifyingly gorgeous. Imagine what a fantastically beautiful butterfly she'll grow up to be. Congrats Tala and Frank!

Tita Joji: Finally got to meet (and hold) Leila last Thursday. Next year, she'll be up and about. Excellent photos to capture the cute and contented baby girl.

Jason and Amy Davis: She is such a little angel! The pictures are beautiful, amazing quality. We want to see more :)

Nam Duong: Congrats Tala and Frank, I cant decide who she looks more like yet!

Quynh: She is so adorable~looks just like both of you guys!

This little guy is expected to arrive right after the weekend!  How exciting :)


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Little Angels sneaks

November 22, 2010

Mini people filled up the studio on Saturday for mini sessions  – sneak peeks for you to enjoy!

486weblittle angels sneakslittle angels sneakslittle angels sneakslittle angels sneakslittle angels sneakslittle angels sneaks627web411weblittle angels sneakslittle angels sneakslittle angels sneaks

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Dawn Croxton: Gorgeous!

Tammie Allison: Beautiful! Love them. : )

Clem Mathis: Thanks for keeping in touch! It was difficut, but I managed to find the Scott handsome guys and beautiful daughter. Are Mom and Dad coming down for Thanksgiving or Christmas? We're heading to Ft. Worth Wednesday. John-John's son will turn 2 on Thanksgiving!

Little Angel sneak peek

November 18, 2010

Little angel for sure :)

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Lil’ Pumpkin :)

November 15, 2010

So fresh, so new, so delicious! :)

sneak peek

sneak peek
sneak peek

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Karen: So cute!

Noel: Oh, those are just precious! Congrats, Jennifer!

Sis: Are they just a miracal!!!!

Judy: Oh Jen...he is just gorgeous! Congratulations!! xoxo

Sue: So adorable.......

Nakia: I love the pics! Louis is growing so fast!

Melissa Clark: How can you resist such a cute lil pumpkin face? Too precious...

2 weeks

November 13, 2010

Gorgeous baby – quiet as a mouse -  such the model :)
He liked my new blankets too!

sneak - love my new blanket!
sneak - love my new blanket!

sneak - love my new blanket!
sneak - love my new blanket!

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Val: I love the pic of Henry in a hammock! Too cute!

tanis: My favorite is the bear skin rug. Looks very comfy!

Rosemary: Darling photos of a precious baby boy. My favourite is baby on the blanket looking so adorable.

Jen: super cute! good call doing pics so soon. So much easier when they're sleeping most of the time!

Marnie: The hammock one is great!! How does a baby sleep through that!?! So cute.

Erin: Weren't you a little worried about no diaper? Super cute - can't wait to see more!!!

Sharon: Such a cutie! First picture is my favorite.

Judy: Great pics!! Can't wait to see him with his eyes open. He looks adorable on the blanket.

Jo-Anne: stunning images of a beautiful baby - he takes your breath away. Congratulations again...

new sneak peeks :)

November 6, 2010

sweet angels in the studio today  :)


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Jackie Morris: I can't wait to see the rest!!!!!!!!!! Thanks for posting these!

Delivery Day – a story :)

November 4, 2010

After months of working, waiting, anticipating … Delivery Day finally arrived!  I paced the hallways and peered out the blinds waiting for the time to come…

And around 1:30 labor had finally begun
2011 Hope Calendar arrives!

it was relatively short but difficult work – I think the hand-truck helped!
2011 Hope Calendar arrives!

And the moment I had been waiting for… all 1500 of them, 5 ounces each, arrived perfectly in bundles
2011 Hope Calendar arrives!

after a little cleaning…
2011 Hope Calendar arrives!

we went for pictures  (the photographer was great!) :)
2011 Hope Calendar arrives!
2011 Hope Calendar arrives!

And so… the much anticipated announcement…
2011 Hope Calendar arrives!

**I need to get a little paperwork in order before you can adopt yours but they’ll be available at {$10 each} or we can arrange for you to get a bundle**

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Britney Barker: Yay! Congrats on your new bundles! :) Your so cleaver! They look great.

Jill Ducote: I can't wait to see the beautiful bundles.. LOL

Heather: What a cute post! :) These look awesome! Congrats on your new arrival! :)

Amy: Cant wait to hang Carson and Alden up :-)

Brekke: Hooray! They are beautiful! You must be so proud! :)

admin: I am :) heehee - thank you!

admin: me too!!

admin: I know - we are blessed :)

Mary Taylor: How fun!!! :)

Joy: So fun!!! Love this post!

Little Angels mini sessions Nov 20th at Life’s Images.
ONLY weekend mini of the whole year!
Contact me for details on signing up

$30 gets your session plus a 5×7 print plus a special discount on additional orders!

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