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This week the sessions were a little different – used to working with babies and toddlers, it was a nice change of pace to photograph adults!  Both starting new chapters in life – one newly married, one about to embark on to adulthood…


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cindy concavage: Ella said she'd prefer black and white...but please show us both..

admin: you'll see them in your gallery :)

one month

October 25, 2010

sneak peek for this little one’s mom and dad
one month old – look at that belly button!!! :)


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Jason Sanchez: Now that's a good looking baby!

Starla Kramar: Love these pictures of my grandbaby.

Elida Sanchez: Jason you and Lindsee always have beautiful babies, they look just like me. Grandma Sanchez

John Kramar: Excellent. It is great to see the capture of emotion in a newborn, takes talented photography and instincts. Made easier by such a beautiful model, I might add.

Lindsee: Love those sweet cheeks! Great shots!

admin: :) appreciate that!

cynthia: Wow! she is a beauty; must be having a peaceful dream....all smiles. Great pictures....

Donna: Nice pictures!!

Allison Carmona: beautiful!

Phoebe: So precious!! She is such a sweet baby!

Laurel Pittman: What a sweet baby girl! Love, love, love these pics!

Sally Martinez: What a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations

Michelle Lynn: Such a pretty baby!! Great Pictures!!

Rebecca striesfeld: Those are amazing and VERY priceless. She is beautiful and photos make her more even more beautiful...

Rhonda Crain: Love that belly, love those cheeks and what a smile. She has all the beautiful quailties of the family. The quality I can identify most with is the belly. She is special.

Camryn’s a Happy Girl « Jason & Lindsee's Family: [...] We had professional pictures taken of her and the ones we’ve seen so far are great! If you have a minute, go to this link to see them and then post a comment. If we get more than 20 comments we start to earn free products. [...]

Aunt Jann: Adorable! Can't wait to hold that little bundle, and see who she really looks like.

Jenny: These are gorgeous!

Leah Samia: What amazing pictures! She is sooo cute.

Rebecca DeNeve: So Cute!!!!

Nick: shes so cute :]

Laurel: She's so beautiful!

Taylor Kramar: Wow what great pictures! Such a beautiful little girl. Love the one where she's smiling!

Long awaited and well worth it!
These beautiful angels posed for the 2011 Hope Calendar which is sold to benefit the Gwendolyn Strong Foundation (you can read about this organization by clicking the Hope Calendar link above).

The calendar is at the printer at the moment but believe me you’ll know when it is ready for sale :)  and you are going to need several!

Let the peeking begin!

[svgallery name="2011peeks"]

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Angel minis

October 22, 2010

Sneak peeks from Little Angel minis (those who filled out the client form ♥ )

sneak peekssneak peekssneak peekssneak peekssneak peekssneak peekssneak peekssneak peekssneak peekssneak peekssneak peekssneak peeks

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6 day old prince :)

October 18, 2010

6 days old – what a privilege that mom and dad brought this little prince for a visit – I know how hard it is to get out of the house, but they were re-paid for their efforts because he was just perfect during our session!!!
sneak peeks
sneak peeks
sneak peeks
sneak peeks

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Sacha & Rocky: Adorable!

Jennie: Ronan is precious! Great pictures!

Brian Carter: The photos look great. I would love to see more.

Mom: Awwww.......perfection!!!

Hoang: wow he is so CUTE!!! i love the pic # 3. its like he is in a basket. lol

Daisy: Beautiful photos! AND Look, Pop's hair!!!

Joel: Congrats! He looks great!

paulita: Very cute and you guys say you can't sleep? He looks perfectly comfy and content. Congrats again!

Chuck: Congrats!

Trang&Joe: Beautiful!

Dad: I love that first photo. Can't remember the last time I got to do that. Congrats. to you both, he is just gorgeous.

Brandon Byford: Adorable pics guys...Congratulations again! I'm very happy for yall and compliments to the photographer!

Ryan: Nice! A future heartbreaker.

Steven Izzat: Great photos! I am very happy for you all.

Robert: Great pics! I'm so happy for you guys! How on earth do you do look so awake for having a newborn! What's your secret? Opps, nevermind - everyone is sleeping in the bottom one. sssshhhhhhh Cheers!

Róisín O'Donovan: It's such a precious thing to do to take those beatuiful pictures. I really wish we had done the same thing 11 & 9 years ago when our boys were born. Your favourite aunt (and godmother Máirtín!!) Le grá o, Ró...x

admin: I appreciate that! :)

lewis fletcher: very cute pics. glad you sent them to me.

Brendan Osborne: Congrats guys!

Nick Moore: Great Photo's. Congrats you two!

Bob Dicus: Congratulations! He looks so happy. PS: He has more hair than I do :)

Isis Williams: he is soooo kayute!!!

Debra B.: Prince Ronan! He's a beautiful baby and so nicely plump for a newborn. The photographer is awesome.

Jessica F.: What an adorable little man. Congratulations Mom and Dad!! Can't wait to meet him :)

Amy Fiedler: Ronan is so adorable! The pictures are awesome!

Sunday: Great photography! I really like the chillin' feet. And I like the head turned. You can just about smell that one-of-a-kind baby scent right before you give him a kiss. Magnifique!

Fiona: Awww! Ronan looks like he means business! ;) I like the family one, it's so sweet.

Kevin Stone: Great photos. It always amazes me that photographers can create that sense of peacefulness with these type of shots. You have captured some great images for such a meaningful moment. Congratulations again you guys.

Diane Gower Phillips: He is so cute! Enjoy every moment!

admin: thank you very much :) and OMG that bakery looks delicious!!

anne thompson: These pics are adorable! Thanks for sharing!

Ryan: Congrats.

Ed Cano: Congratulations on your new baby boy!!!! He is precious!

Barry: What an angel, a gift from god.

Rodriguez Family: he looks great and peaceful

Cade Skinner: He's cute, now just five more till you're done.

Kerry: So beautiful! I love the one of the feet.

Anida Nguyen: Adorable!!

Grandma Kitty: Without a doubt the most beautiful little boy! Cannot wait to see all the photos. Mom and Dad look fabulous too.

Leah Bogatiuk: Beautiful pictures!

Jamie: He's too adorable, congrats again!

joe sheridan: Wow...... You two did well. Truly a handsome lad.

Great Granny Eleanor: Ronan is a lovely little boy. Buíochas mór le Dia, le grá, ó, Great Granny Eleanor

Máire: I'm so glad that ye sent me these pictures. What a lovely, happy, handsome little man ye have there. Ye are so lucky.

Aunt Fi: These pictures are just so precious, I can't wait to see the others! XOXO Fi

Matt Hinterlong: Cool pictures! He looks like a Ronan. Good work Mairtin and Sarah!

Brigid: What a handsome little boy! Hope Mam and Dad're coping well!

Walter and Bernie: Congrats you two! The O'Muirgheasa men are indeed handsome! Lets see some more photos. Slan.

JEANNE: What a prince! He is so precious and the pictures are terrific! Thank you for sharing

Austin: Great looking kid, Mairtin! Congrats to you both.

erika hastings: Congratulations!!! WOW! Love his first pose!! did you make him pose like that? The one with the three of you is priceless, I can see the glow aroud you guys - many blessings!!!

Kelly: What a precious baby and the pictures turned out great. Congrats!

Tony: Third one down is awesome. Glad you guys have a healthy, baby boy. Congrats again, Natalia and I are very excited and happy for you.

Steve: Congrats, wish you guys the best!

Shannon: Love the pictures, he's so handsome

admin: it's a secret :) really it involves a lot of nudging and a lot of holding, then snapping the shutter in a split second...

Michael: Class of 2032? Whooooooop!

Ali Johnk: Beautiful photos!

michael gong: Congrats! Was glad I was able to see you guys the week before!

Natalia: Amazing pictures. God bless little Ronan!!!

Patti and Sam: Wow! What an incredible miracle. He is perfect. Congratulations! I only wish I was there to hold him!!

Pat: Great pictures!

Aunt Cáitie: What a beautiful, precious gift given to a lovely couple. Hope he'll be visiting Ireland soon!! XXOO

Auntie Niamh: Your family photo brought tears to my eyes, thanks for sharing them and enjoy every precious moment, Niamh xx

NAN: Just returned from New York& got to see the photos. Cant wait to hold that beautiful little boy&hug his mom &dad.xoxo

contact me via email to sign up

if you absolutely cannot make a weekday, I am starting an interest list for one weekend date – I will need at least 8 families to participate though.   email me to get on the list…

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2 weeks

October 12, 2010

gorgeous newborn came for a visit today :)  look at those cheeks and that hair!  precious…
sneak peek
sneak peek
sneak peek

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Carlos: awwwweeeeee loook how pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Flor Rodriguez: I can't believe you're a Father, she looks so cute.

Danna Wood: aww sweet-is there a way to see all the pics?

Gina Murphy: Cute!!!

Edgar Castillo: baby girl looks adorable! that's those castillo genes! :)

Denise Villa: She's adorable, I'm pretty sire she got that from me!

Nancy Villa: Awww Karina! She looks just like me when I was a baby!!

evelyn garcia: awww tia u have a cute lil granddaughter nice job karrina and chris lol

Sindy Gonzales: Maya is so lucky to have a mom like you. I can't wait to see you guys!!

Stephanie Villa: She's so cute! I want to steal her!!!

Jamie Marsh: Adorable!!! What a good baby!

Maria Jose: Hoy kari que linda la beba!

Jullisa Gonzales: Baby Maya is so beautiful!

Sandra Gonzales: Bien chevere to have a mom like you!

Mike M.: Maya is adorable!

Yaneth Armenta: I like all 3 pictures, especially her feet! She looks so adorable and very confortable!

Monica Quintero: What a beautiful baby girl. Congrats!

Abigail Brown: So cute and such great pictures!

Jerry: Great Pics!

Lulu DeAnda: Looks like a model!! Me gusta!!

Andrea Aldrich: What a pretty little girl I love the first photo, I can not wait to hold her

anna: She is so beautiful!!! Congradulations!

6 weeks old

October 12, 2010

6 weeks old and a perfect little model!
Oh my isn’t she cute!! :)
baby sneak peek
baby sneak peek

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Lynn: She is just soooo adorable!!!!! I'm glad you didn't wait! Love you!

Gay W.Zimmerman: Beautiful pictures of a beautiful family

Heather Myers: What great pictures! Emily is just darling...beautiful family you have!

Jessica Boran: She's so dang adorable!!! I want to kiss her little face!!!

Courtney Andrews: I love the family portrait! Such a great picture!

Sid Sherry: I can't imagine a more blessed family. The three of you are just amazingly beautiful in your family picture. Emily is just perfect in her pose & the two of you look so happy. Great photos!

Genevieve Richard: She is so adorable!!!Great looking family!!!!!!

p dog: Nice picture, really. Does Derek look like Emily when he naps? Hope you are doing well!

Brandon Andrews: Good looking family there!

brand new baby

October 8, 2010

sweetness… pure and simple!
Daddy learned the hard way that picture time is a lot of work :) this would be the 2nd shirt :)

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recent maternities

October 8, 2010

Two gorgeous maternities visited me this week :)
One a long way from home – a fun couple from Canada!

and one beautiful mommy with Daddy a long way from home – serving our  country… he’s got quite a present waiting for him when he comes home!

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