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Bride… sneak peek:)

September 30, 2010

Beautiful bride, stunning dress, perfect assistant (sister)… makes shooting Life’s Images’  FIRST bride a GREAT experience – even at high noon!!!

Thank you for being such a good sport Miss A :)

bridals - love that dress!bridals - love that dress!bridals - love that dress!bridals - love that dress!

bridals - love that dress!
bridals - love that dress!
bridals - love that dress!

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Angela Boone: Absolutely GORGEOUS dress and bride, and fabulous photos!

Jill: Can you say GORGEOUS?

Sharon: stunning! love the dress!

Ayla: Debi, thanks for the sneak peek! I love these pictures!

admin: so glad :)!

kathy Smith: I loved working with Ms A. The dress is gorgeous. She is a beauty. I love the pics. I want one for my website!!!

maternity sneak peek

September 27, 2010

fun mommy and daddy to be :)
sneak maternity
sneak maternity
sneak maternity

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just a little peek at this precious angel :)

with gramma
gramma's hands

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erin: Hi! I love these pics!! You're so talented!!

Sybil: I love the one with my mom's hands holding her!!! Just powerful!

Deirdre Aldridge: I love the pictures of Shelby... really nice!

Lauri: she is beautiful- the pics are adorable.

Deneeka Brown: She is so beautiful. I love the one with your mom's hands too. Mrs. Charlotte loves both:)

Julius: Nice. So Nice. Simply Beautiful!!

Lee Allmer: She's beautiful! Congrats to the proud parents! Thank you for sharing =)

Stacy: OMG these are beautiful!!! I LOVE the one with Mama's hands! Made me cry! I want that one!

Angela: "The pic is too precious!! I've had 4 girlfriends give birth to 6 babies(twins) in the last month. I keep saying no more babies but u guys are making me change my mind with all these precious photos!"

Orissa Bey: Awwwww... How cute! Congrats!

Rosie: Beautiful!

Tiffany: Simply beautiful. She looks so precious and peaceful..

Nae': Both pictures are cute,but the one where she is in Granny's hands deserves an A++ =]

jane: What a beautiful little baby. Congratulations! I love the pictures.

Tonia Smith: Totally adorable!!! You are right, very powerful. And your photographer, awesome!!!

guynell: absolutely beautiful!

sit up!

September 24, 2010

both of these cuties were just starting to sit up (and topple over!) :)

sneak peeks
sneak peeks
sneak peeks
sneak peeks
sneak peeks

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Kim Harrison: Sooooo precious! Beautiful subjects! I love this stage...little weeble wobbles!

Michelle: Beautiful babies and adorable family!

Tim: Lovely pictures Scott. Natalie and Sydney look beautiful even next to you)

Justin: Sydney is adoreable. You have a beautiful family.

Lori Sear: Love the pictures. :)

Jennifer: Love the pics Scott and Natalie!

Tara Mendietta: Sooo precious!!! These are great pics!!

debbie Klemcke: Love the pictures of Sydney, Natalie and Scotty! Cute!

Michelle Barnett: What a gift. She looks just as joyful as her mommy and daddy.

Chandra Golding: Love the up close black and white one! Beautiful family!!

Susie Hale: Sydney is a cutie pie! Beautiful family!

Katie: You've certainly captured the sweetness of those the little tongue getting ready to pop out on the black and white little bright eyes on the top photo. Perfect shot of that beautiful family too. You do great work!

admin: Thank you :) I really appreciate that!

Kellie Middleton: Love the pics! Sydney is beautiful!

Emma Zhang: Sydney is absolutely adorable!! She is an angle!! ^_^

Ely: Sidney is soooooo cute! Love the pictures!

Christy M. Dominy: She is TOO CUTE ... I LOVE all the pics!!... Thanks again for sharing! Christy

Rocio: Ohh Scott she is'll look so happy! Wish you the best ♥ Rocio

Lauren: Too cute! I love the family pic

Amanda Travitzky: Wow, I really love the black and white photo. Great pictures.

fresh and new

September 23, 2010

isn’t she ADORABLE?  this slice of heaven slept JUST long enough and then just like that she was done!  gotta love a girl that knows when to say when :)P

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Tina Chang: Beverly, She is sooooo adorable. You must be a proud mom!

latoshia lee: What an adorable baby girl...just beautiful. Great picture.

Diane: She is beautiful. This pictures are gorgeous just like Maya!

Tessa: these are simply beautiful!!

erin fonnesbeck: You've got a knack for these newborns. These are amazing shots!

Monica Labrie: She's so precious, Beverly! Congrats!

Dale: adorable...Praise the Lord for His Goodness!!

Jane Taylor: Beverly, she is absolutely darling! Precious pictures!

Debbie: So sweet!

Megan: These are so sweet! Now I feel a little bit sad that I don't have any professional shots of my own babies. Of course, no telling if they would've been so cooperative.... ;)

Erin Brinkmeyer: She looks precious. i can't believe she stayed still for those.

admin: There is a lot of patience involved in being a newborn photographer :) She did really well, even for a baby!!!

Stacy George: Maya is BEAUTIFUL!

Cindy: Precious-ness! These photos will be a treasure.

Betty: She is adorable. Luv the pictures! Can't wait to see the rest of them

Ann Sokolowski: Beverly, This is what love at first sight looks like .

Glenn: I've go two adorable granddaughters. Maya's pictures are beautiful!

Teri Quick: Beautiful!

Jennifer Heitshusen: What a beautiful blessing! Just precious!

Elizabeth Shahan: Congratulations Beverly and Scott!She is absolutely beautiful!!

kasey brinkmeyer: Awww. Too cute! I love creative pictures like these.

Michelle: Great pictures!! She's adorable!

family love

September 22, 2010

sneak peeks!  gorgeous little brother and sister!! :)


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ONE Year :)

September 19, 2010

sneak for mama – handsome little guy!

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Summer: Thank you Debi for the sneak peek at these wonderful photos! I'm so excited to have our sweet little man captured at this age in such amazing photos. AND a SMILE from his solo photos!!!

admin: You were a little worried about that frown I know :) So was I!! hahahaha

Janice Garner: Love the photos of my Grandson and I will be ordering some of these photos. Thanks, Jan

Sheila: "Handsome little guy!" is SO true! Summer these photos are the best --- you and your family will cherish them forever.

Brother, Sister, Love

September 18, 2010

Sooooo darn cute!  This age can be difficult (mostly on mom and dad) – they run and they twirl and they crawl and generally dislike playing the let’s take a picture game – but with some high-impact aerobic work from ma and pa and cat-like photographer reflexes all you see is precious!!



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Kathy Scoffield: They are just precious!! Perfect shots. Love the sweet expressions you captured!

Natalie Shannon: Those two are cutie patooties! I love the top picture! They are both so sweet and angelic!

4 weeks beautiful …

September 16, 2010

cutie PIE!  this little one gave us workout getting her to sleep but we did and boy was it worth it!!!  LOOK AT THAT FACE :)  wuuuvvvvv…
newborn sneaknewborn sneak
newborn sneaknewborn sneak

aren’t mom and dad so cute too :)

newborn sneak

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Cindy Friedrich: Look how precious! Looks just like an angel. I love the pictures alot and look at her long eye lashes...

Jennifer McBride: Shelby is a cutie! Can't wait to meet her! Great photos :)

Kim Pampell: I love these pics. Debi was great with Shelby!! I highly recommend her and will be using her many more times. I can't wait to see the rest!!

Lorin Darst: What a precious little angel! Love the "new family" pic, too! ~Lorin

Christina Brooks: She is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!

Patsy Ford: She's a beautiful little angel and Mom & Dad look great too. I love the puffy petticoat shot.These are wonderful photographs.

Adreane: LOVE the pictures! What a beautiful family! Little Shelby is so precious! Can't wait to see all of you again!

Kristen Davis: These pictures are absolutely precious!!! Such a beautiful family!!!!

Shane: Very cute...I was wondering about her sleeping then read your note...well worth it...

Heather: Very cute

Shane: I was wondering about her sleeping thru all this, but then saw your note...very cute...looks well worth it...

Ed Friedrich aka Gramps: I like them all really good pictures if I had to choose the one of the three of you is my favorite. The next would be the first one. I need to get her a cowboy hat instead of the bow. Love you guys she's beautiful she's on my screen saver and makes me smile very day.

Aunt Amanda C.: Love love love the pics!! Shelby is sooo cute in all of them... Mom & Dad you look good too!

ann: Great pictues. Ones to save for a lifetime.

D.A. "Bubba" Louis: Lovely* Lovely* Little Girl It’s Great Being a Grandpa to Gorgeous Baby Mother & Dad Aren’t Bad Either I Have to Have the Pictures

Tina Bostic: What a beautiful little girl! Congratulations to all of you! She is a little angel.

Karen Keilers: Shelby is absolutely beautiful. Kim and Jason, you are so blessed!

Etta Mae Himly: Great pictures of a beautiful angel! Beautiful pose of mom, dad and baby. You will need poses of all because each one is too good.

kim Gelsthorpe: She is beautiful. I agree with Ed. The picture of all three of ya'll is the best one. Congratulations!!!!!

debra daugherty: LOVE the pics! Beautiful!

Audra Rustin: She is a little angel!! Beautiful pics and beautiful family!!! Congratulations!!

Matt Mitchell: What a beautiful angel!!!!

Jarrod Novicke: Very cute baby pics Kim, I especially like the family shot with you, the baby, and Inspector Gadget,,, uh I mean Jason!!

Terri Harvey: Hi Kim & Jason, Thanks for letting me view these pictures of your darling angel. She's just beautiful. I love these shots of her. Gosh, can't wait to meet her.

Amber mitchell: makes me want another one :)

summer: omg....she is such a doll!! These pictures are really great and done so well! You are lucky to have them. xoxo

shanna louis: very cute pics. she looks like a little angel

Kacie Swartzmiller: She is just beautiful. Great Pictures!

Lacy Deaton: She is a such a pretty baby!! You and Jason are so lucky to have been blessed with her!!! I love her long eyelashes!!

Chelsea Friedrich Chang: Wonderful pictures! The angel wings are just precious and the family photo is great. Thanks for letting me take peek

matt: nice pics.

tierra: oh congratulations! she is such a little doll! these pictures are wonderful!

crystal: I wish I had pictures like these when my girls were so small. These are so good! Congratulations. Your family is beautiful!

Kasey: Great pictures....She is adorable!

Misty Spacek: My precious little niece. Can't wait to meet her. You're going to have a hard time picking the pictures, they are all wonderful :).

Kathie (Hines) Armstrong: She is beautiful--Congratulations! Now you need a little boy!!

Kali Montgomery: lets see if this works... it didnt the other day... Beautiful pics!!!! I agree w/ Ed, fav is the family & yes she needs a pink cowboy hat & boots!! Like Misty the hard part... decisions, decisions!!!

Oh my, my, my… twinkies!

September 15, 2010

One boy, one girl, one lucky mommy (and one honored photographer!)… gorgeous, sweet and squishy ….   gasp!  You might be able to tell I am little excited about these :)
twin sneakstwin sneaks
twin sneakstwin sneaks
twin sneaks

twin sneakstwin sneaks

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Celeste Blackburn: Look at those sweet angels!!! Beautiful pictures!

Terrell Carter: Inger - they are so sweet - I love the angel picture!

erin fonnesbeck: Oh these are awesome... just perfect! These babies are stunningly beautiful as well!

Joy: These are gorgeous! Look at all those squishy, curly poses! They are perfection.

Neely Hunter: All the photos are beautiful - almost as beautiful as those babies themselves - but that one of their precious little feet is just absolutely fantastic!

Jill: Those are the sweetest babies ever...

Debi Hall: Absolutely stunning!!! Look!! They just fell from Heaven and still have their wings on!!

Mary: Inger they are precious. Beautiful babies, beautiful pictures

Rachel: Love the second picture - A beautiful "portrait" of God's greatest creation.

Sandy K.: Beautiful additions to a beautiful family...

Alicia: They are just PERFECT, Inger! Amazing photos!

Tricia Tran: Your babies are so precious they take my breath away. Beautiful photos , such delicate images.

Pattie Cook: OMG! these pictures are awesome! These babies are so precious! Inger, you are truly double-blessed!

admin: She is blessed!! Thanks everyone for letting mommy know :)

Kara Brimmer: Oh my goodness! I am so happy your mom can now love on some twins cuz she still has yet to meet mine! Kiss those little toes for me!

Kathy Scoffield: Wow! They are simply perfect! So precious. These will be such a treasure for them!