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Happy Holidays!

December 24, 2009

Enjoy your blessings and celebrate the loves in your life :)

I’d fully intended on having a little Christmas cheer on the blog with prizes and all that jazz, but check back – I may have time to celebrate the new year a little bit better…    now to think of some great prizes themed 2010 – hmmmmmmm

I expect there might be a slideshow celebrating the past year for Life’s Images among other merriment!

Merry Christmas everyone :)

that is so non-sensical :)

quick peek for mom and dad…

Mama needs a new camera bag!

December 11, 2009

Look at this bag I found :)
(if you feel compelled to contribute to the cause, I will happily send a donation link to which you can do that!)

Kelly just opened up shop with some beautiful camera bags!

We’ve been here 3.5 years and it has snowed twice (and we had a huge hurricane) – what are the chances???

the kids and the dogs marveling at the rare snow fall :)
it was too warm to stick much on the ground but they attempted snow angels – I was surprised too because it snowed literally for hours and hours…

snow in HOUSTONsnow in HOUSTONsnow in HOUSTONsnow in HOUSTONsnow in HOUSTONsnow in HOUSTONsnow in HOUSTON

Some for mom who worked really hard for these :)

sneak peekssneak peekssneak peeks

and some angels

sneak peeks

and a special, jolly guest :)

sneak peeks