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Again??  Boy that year went by fast!

I am celebrating (using that term loosely) 35 years this weekend…
and that means PRESENTS for you!

Your name will be in a drawing for a $35 gift certificate to Life’s Images IF you can complete the scavenger hunt:

By March 30, you must email the answer to the following 2 questions to
debi @ -

  1. How old was I when my youngest brother was born and why is it significant?
  2. What was the exact amount of the check presented to the women’s center from the 2009 Hope Calendar project?

Sneak Peek for Mama

March 17, 2009

Sneak peek for family waitin’ on baby :)
He/she is coming soon and is a surprise – how fun is that?!
I didn’t know what either of my babies would be…turned out to be girls both times :)


I am proud to announce…
Life’s Images and the Hope Calendar donated $5000 to the Montgomery County Women’s Center at the close of the second annual calendar charity project.

The kindness and generosity of all involved is truly inspiring to me!   I am thankful to everyone involved that took a leap of faith WITH me to see the calendar come to life!

From the beginning, the project was intended to involve the community by featuring OUR children and involving local small businesses and by sharing the idea with all of our friends.  And while being fun and beautiful,  I hope the calendar also inspired HOPE and giving from the heart to local charities benefiting families.

This has been a great experience, and the success of this year has me really excited for future years as it can only get better from here!  Hope Calendar website ( will have more details about the calendar and how local families or businesses can participate in the 2010 calendar project.

Life's Images presents $5000 to Montgomery County Women's Center

Life's Images presents $5000 to Montgomery County Women's Center

On a personal note – this success brings great joy (and a little bit of sadness)  – because I know that this year we donated  money to an organization that will help families regain a sense of dignity, a sense of security, in some cases save a life.  It also reminds me that happy endings aren’t always the case… in honor of Angela… may we all find peace and love and help others to do the same :)

Jill: CONGRATS! Debi on another great year of Hope Calendar.

I just updated the header to the blog – see how it has rotating images now?
So happy :)

I also just updated my “about me” page for the blog and on my website.  I hope it gives a better taste of why I love my job:

boys boys boys…

March 2, 2009

Sneak peek for the fam…  2 boys proved to be a work out for mom and dad to get pictures – but I think it was worth it!  Thanks for sharing them with me :)