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Yummy food y’all have been craving!
Kay’s Creole gift certificate winner: Jill Y
She is going to order the Boudin and crackers and Gumbo :)

Our August sneak peek! Calendars are $10 each and can be pre-ordered at

CONTEST $15 GIFT CERTIFICATE to Kay’s Creole Cafe in Old Towne Spring!
Visit the cafe website then email and tell me what you would order with your gift certificate :) It’s some yummy fixins! I’ll post the favorite dishes here :)
We are getting Crawfish Etouffee , fried crawfish, gumbo, corn and crab bisque

Winner picked by drawing on Thursday!!!

Enjoy the sneak peeks!
Gosh aren’t they cute!!!!! Leave a comment for these beautiful kiddos (no names please) :)

Anonymous: She reminds me so much of my little angel...

Kingwood Wings Peeks

October 28, 2008

IF you signed the permission section of your order form, a sneak preview is below! The proofs won’t be done for a few days but here’s a peek!

©2008 Life’s Images – please respect

Pheobie WON!!

Contest is TRIVIA! Prize is $50 gift card to Life’s Images Photography! Ending Monday, Oct 27th.
Email your answers to to be entered into the drawing:
What date was the 2008 Hope Calendar release announced (it went on sale in 2007)?
How much was the check that was presented to the charity last year?
What was I wearing when I presented it?

*information is all publicly available and all 3 questions must be answered*

Sneak peek of Hope Calendar 2009 for the weekend!

Pheobie: What a great calendar! Thank you for the wonderful prize.

Jennifer V – commented below – you need to contact with your email so that we can get you your prize!!

Baby Cha-Cha Boutique is offering one lucky someone the chance to win their very own Flower Beanie Hat!

Visit, then come back here and post a nice comment about something you saw – be specific! (emailing your comment is fine too) Your first name, last initial in the comment is fine – I’ll post the winner here so you can email me privately with your contact information.
The contest will run now through Friday October 24th and the winner will be announced on Friday !

And now for the 2009 Hope Calendar previews (you can leave comments about those too!) …
click to view larger:

Houston photographer for newborns, babies, pregnancy, maternity –

Jill Y: Ok, I love Riley in the Cha Cha model section, she is absolutely too, too cute in her red tutu, with boots and cowboy hat and the big red flower on it. Puts the cowboy and sweet girl all in one..

And Debi about the 2009 calendar, these first previews you've shown are awesome.. Love em, can't wait for the rest! :)

Anonymous: What adorable flip-flops Babychacha has! The wonderful colors really pop out on the page when everything else is in black and white.

Jennifer V.

jenvenza: The calendar is stunning so far!! I cannot wait to see more tomorrow!

Jennifer V.

Anonymous: I am loving the snap bodysuits at Baby ChaCha. I can't wait to have a baby shower to attend so I can buy a "Drool Sgt." or a "Major Trouble". Thanks for the previews. I was so excited to see my child in the previews already!!! Angel P.

jagotoole: While the babychacha snapsuits are adorable - I really liked the picture frames. Peanut and Pumpkin were my favorites, but I wish they made a bunny. For some reason, that's what I call both my boys...

And speaking of my boys - I love the March preview!! :) The whole calendar is fabulous - great work, Debi.

mommiesrock: Hi Debi ,

so i went to the babychacha website and i fell in love with the beanie hats ! I think they are all so adorable and chique ! ;-)
I really like the Red Rose/White Knit beanie hat and all the others ! ;-)
By the way , i LOVE the previews of the calendar !!! I can't wait for the finished product !!! Great Work Debi !
Mandy M.

Tanya T: I LOVE the Yellow Tutu and Red Peony! I never would have put those colors together but they look great. I love the artistic look of the pic from above. So cute!!

Pheobie: I absolutely think the chocolate and sage tutu is mystical! There are so many things to choose from.

Anonymous: The Baby Cha Cha pictures just go to show how many things I still need to buy. It was great to see my one daughter in a tutu and I know from experience what a crowd you will draw at the pediatrician's office sporting one of the beanie hats. Great models showing off great products. Alva N.

Ashley: Such cute stuff! Love the chocolate and sage and also the copper and black! Thinking those would look great on my little red-haired princess;-)

Michelle B.: I liked the Christmas Tutu. What a fun way to celebrate the season.

Anonymous: I am so excited to have won the adorable beanie for my little girl!! She will look so cute in it this winter! Thanks to everyone for this great contest!!

Jennifer V.

Jill Y: Congrats Jennifer...

Another preview :)

October 23, 2008

Don’t forget to enter the contest 2 posts below! Drawing Friday!
Click to view larger:

Houston photographer for newborns, babies, pregnancy, maternity –

There he goes… (don’t worry, no babies were harmed..)

Tanya: WOW!!! My little angel is "Miss" January!! That's her birth month, how exciting!!! I can't wait to see the rest of the calendar. Thanks for all the sneak peaks!!!

Some previews of this year’s calendar (click to view larger) :) And a contest below!

For a year long membership (which includes a savings program to local merchants)…
Visit and find where your kids can eat free when it is raining outside!
Email your answer along with your contact information to!

Houston photographer for newborns, babies, pregnancy, maternity –

Michelle Yeager: this is so BEAUTIFUL! amazing work.

Peeks from our sessions on October 13 (for those that signed the permission to share form :) )

©2008 Life’s Images – please respect
Houston photographer for newborns, babies, pregnancy, maternity –

mommiesrock: Oh Debi , they are gorgeous !!! What precious little angels !!! Very beautiful !

Baby Cha-Cha: Love, Love, Love all the pictures!
Thanks they are awesome!

Babies and Mamas

October 15, 2008

Houston photographer for newborns, babies, pregnancy, maternity –