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Contest!! Hope Calendar

September 30, 2008
If you own or see the 2008 Hope Calendar –
email me something out of place about this week in the calendar and receive a $50 gift card for Life’s Images!!

We have a winner – but feel free to play just for fun!

Newborn babe

September 26, 2008
2 weeks old – I was so happy we could get this little guy in while he was so little – despite our struggles with the weather!
Enjoy the peek!

Calendar Baby

September 26, 2008
This beautiful, brand new angel was photographed for the Hope Calendar before Ike came to visit!
Getting back to business I am able to start processing pictures again :)
Enjoy the sneak peek…

Twins – magazine-style

September 20, 2008

testing a magazine style presentation :)


September 20, 2008

Hurricane Updates

September 16, 2008

Update on our hurricane status…
We are back at home with power! And who thought it would bring tears to the eyes to see meat and milk at the stores?! This means that Life’s Images is resuming business. There are some delays in processing and special projects like the Hope Calendar, but we will work to get caught up soon!!

If you have questions about a session or order you have placed or something else you might be expecting from me – don’t hesitate to ask for a status!

mommiesrock: Hi Debi ,
i'm happy to hear you and your family made it through the storm OK !! We did too ! ;-)
Hope you get your power back asap !
Mandy M.

Wings for Hope Event Updates

September 11, 2008
Wings for Hope portrait event in the Woodlands scheduled for Monday Sept 15 will be postponed, new date to be announced. The sign up sheet will remain the same so you are entitled to your current time slot on the new date.

Event in Kingwood on Sept 27 will be held as scheduled and we will be adding one additional date in October as well.

Thanks so much for understanding and stay safe and dry!

**There currently is a waiting list for the event in Kingwood – the amount of interest will determine if we set up another day or make some other arrangements**

The 2009 Hope Calendar is themed “Wings of Hope” and features children adorned in wings to raise money for Montgomery County Women’s Center. The calendar sessions are limited, so we thought it would be a fun way to raise even more money by hosting “Wings for Hope” mini sessions – so that your child can be photographed in the beautiful wings for a donation to the cause!

Call 832.257.3880 or email to sign up

September 15th, from 9:30 to 1:30

$30 will be donated to the Hope Calendar project,
$5 to the Children’s Museum, due when you reserve your time

Participants (only) are invited for private play at the museum after your session -
the museum is closed to the public on this day

(click to view invite)


September 27th, from 10:00 to 2:00
Kingwood Merry Go Round
donated to the Hope Calendar project

APPOINTMENT times are full – email for waiting list if we schedule additional days
Participants (only) are invited special savings on purchases at Merry Go Round that day!

(click to view invite)

**Please also remember that the event is for a charity project – – if you could pass the word so we will have as great a response when the calendars are out!**

Sneak Peek – next to last

September 2, 2008

Only one more session to go for the calendar – gosh they are coming out so darned cute!!

Laura (Tender Portraits): Love the image of the boy in the brick window. That is great.

Kimberly Kyle: These are precious! Love their happy smiles!