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Hope Calendar Peeks

July 30, 2008
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The Hope Calendar photo sessions are going well :) The children are sure to inspire all who buy the calendar for next year!

mommiesrock: Oh my goodness...could they be any more cuter ?
They look adorable in their cute , little costumes !
Great Pictures Debi !!!!!!!!

My first loves…

July 28, 2008

Mine and my sister’s – and for the first time this year they got to spend a whole week together!! Previously it had been 1 or 2 days a year as they live pretty far away :) They were so happy (as was I when they agreed to willingly have a portrait made!)

Hi! I'm Kirsten...: What a GORGEOUS session! These images are stunning!

Hi! I'm Kirsten...: What a GORGEOUS session! These images are stunning!

mommiesrock: Wow !
All of them are so beautiful !!!
Great pictures !
I bet they had fun spending so much time together , didn't they ?! :-)

Debi: I am afraid I have to throw modesty to the wind and agree - they are beautiful!
Yes they did a LOT of fun!

Sneak peeks of the first photography session for the Hope Calendar, 2009! If you haven’t heard, I am publishing a calendar full of local children from which all profits are being donated to Montgomery County Women’s Center – go see what is going on:
And some random photos of the first beauty – aren’t children (and wings!) just so special?!
M. – Thank you for giving your time and sharing your daughter for this worthy cause!

mommiesrock: awww , she looks beautiful !
Very nice Debi !

Had a little extra time in the schedule this week…

Book your Mini Maternity or My Little Angel session July 22, 23 or 24 for only $40!
Times at 9:30, 10, 10:30, 11

Reservation includes 30 minutes and 2 changes of clothes.
You will choose your prints from 10-15 proofs

**My Little Angel sessions are for children ages 6 months thru 7 years, 30 minutes only

Mama, mama

July 17, 2008
Maternity portrait sneak peeks from the weekend… we kept some really beautiful ones for private viewing :)
beautiful summer mommies (and daddies)!

Ashley: Beautiful! You do such excellent work! Love these!

The participants have been selected and notified – check your email!
I’ll be posting sneak peeks here as the sessions are taking place. (You can see peeks of the test session below!)
If you did not get a chance to participate in this year’s calendar you can still sign up for a “Wings of Hope” mini session which will also benefit Montgomery County Women’s Center – details pending.

AND you can participate in the most important part of all – buy a calendar – tell your friends – everyone’s small part makes that donation spectacular!

so sweet

July 9, 2008
Maternity portrait sneak peek! So sweet, so cute…
Love it – don’t mom and dad just slightly resemble a heart standing together??

Gosh she is beautiful! I can hardly stand it! (and, yes, she’s mine…)
My guess is her sister will be participating in test photos in the future since everyone is gushing over this angel :) she’s a bit jealous! hahaha

Ashley Revilla: Followed the links from the hope calendar website and found these wonderful photos!

Carrie: How can she not participate? Those pictures seem so fitting for the calendar. I love how you processed them, very unique.

Debi: I meant that her sister will accomodate my "tests" in the future! My girls will participate in the calendar of course - they are on the front of last years :)


July 5, 2008

Mommy and daddy to be (and our Baby Faire drawing winners!)

Lots of other posts this week too – be sure to see them all below!

Anonymous: I just love this pictures!

Summer babies…

July 5, 2008
What better way to celebrate summer than with a new baby!
Maternity images are just so inspiring!
And look at the last photo – you can see baby’s foot… ready to make an entrance??
**update: I guess so because baby boy was born the next morning!** Congratulations!!