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Leap Day Sale! (sorry expired)

February 29, 2008

Happy Leap Day!
I got a bit of a late start on the festivities, but I wanted to do something that is rare for the rarest day of the year!

BOGO (that’s buy one get one free) for your order of prints from previous photography sessions!!! Be it maternity, newborn or your family portrait – they are all fair game!

I don’t cook as a passion, but I enjoy it – IF it is quick!
I love love Mexican flavors and got to this soup recipe by way of modifying the rice which is a staple of many Mexican dishes. The soup is yummy and low on fat, calories, not so much on the sodium :)

6 cups water
6 tsp chicken bullion
1 can diced tomatoes (think Rotel)
1/2 to 1 cup rice

Bring water to just about a boil. Add the bullion – this is really to taste – I don’t use stock because the bullion has such more concentrated flavor but a lot of sodium. When this is dissolved I add the Rotel. Any diced tomatoes will do and if you look around you will find them in many flavors now adays. I recently used a rather hot one and it was GOOD! When this is all to a good boil, add the rice and let the whole thing simmer about 20-30 minutes. The more rice you add, the more water it soaks up so it will make the soup more or less soup-y :)
Now for left overs – if you keep some left over in a tupperware it will be great the next day as well BUT the rice will continue to soak up juice so it will be much more thick than you remember.
Feel free to serve with garnishes – try: crumbled crackers, fried tortilla strips, avocado, lime juice, cheese (yum), meats of your choice.


February 21, 2008

Newborn portraits - how sweet is that? 

Caitlin Domanico: Very very sweet. I'm a big fan of the last shot, I always do it with babies. Tuesday I did it with twins:) So cute!

Kimberly Kyle: Beautiful newborn shots. Mom and Dad will love them!

As a result of Life’s Images Hope Calendar charity project, $4200 was raised and presented to Texas Children’s Hospital today!  Thanks to all who made this truly community effort possible!

As a result of Life’s Images Hope Calendar charity project, $4200 was raised and presented to Texas Children’s Hospital today!  Thanks to all who made this truly community effort possible!

Anonymous: Woohooo...
That is great !
Congratulations !!!

Ashley: Wonderful! Great job, lady!

Happy LOVE day!

February 14, 2008

Because my favorite topic is LOVE, and it is the basis for my life’s work – I wanted to show you some love!

Submit your favorite quote/saying/phrase/story about LOVE or LIFE via email (
I will choose my favorite and you will receive a FREE (yes, no cost) session in the month of March!
That’s a $75 gift :)
Winner will be drawn when I receive either 10 entries or by Feb 16th!

Don’t forget your contact information, add my email to your “safe list” so it doesn’t get trashed, and be sure to share the fun with your friends! Please don’t enter twice!

All right, all right.. my turn

February 12, 2008

Once in a blue moon, the photographer has to be on the other side of the camera :)
Not as cute as a baby I know, just wanted you to know it isn’t as scary as you all make it out to be!!!
Have a great week!

The Hope Calendar photography calendar charity project is wrapping up and we have raised over $4000 for Texas Children’s Hospital in Houston!
This was a community effort for certain and I am so happy, proud, excited, humbled by each person that made contributions just because they care about children! for more information and to see the photography!

2 weeks

February 5, 2008

L&R – here is your peek! I hope your enjoy your baby and your portraits – I sure love photographing them!

Caitlin Domanico Photography: Ahhh! I want one! Precious!

Happy Valentine’s Day!  To celebrate – here is a heart-felt gift for Life’s Images clients :)

This is a secret gift but feel free to share with your closest friends.

Valentine’s cards – you send me a picture (or I will choose one from our session  **yes, I must choose it, it is too cumbersome to show everyone their proofs again**) and I will insert into your chosen 4×6 card from below and send you the file.  You can print it yourself, take it to the lab, whatever.  Cute for sending with the kiddos to wish their friends Happy Valentine’s Day!

email picture and name of card below to :

**if you are really hurtin for a recent picture – we can schedule a quick mini session for Valentines – just let me know you are interested**

Valentine Gift for Clients

jack and liam's mom: choose your favorite from our session - i like both pink and be mine, but I'll leave to make the final creative decision! What a sweet present - thanks, Debi!

April Brickhouse: Jaden's Mom. Debi, this is such a sweet gift! We like the Red "Be Mine" but whatever works with your favorite picture from our session is fine with us. Thanks again! April

admin: no problem - sent it, hope you enjoy :)

admin: sent yours - hope you enjoy!

Savannah's Mom: That is such nice gift! We would like the red be mine with one of Savannah's angel pics from the calendar. We will send them to her friends! THANKS!! You are the best.

Julie Culver: i need to have some 18 mth pics done of you have some time available?